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Hüma Chia Energy Gels are great tasting, 100% all-natural, easy to swallow energy gels.  The gels are made with 100% fruit and Real Food ingredients combined with finely blended Chia seeds.  The combination of the high water/real food ingredients formula makes Hüma easy to swallow.  Plus, Hüma Chia Energy Gels are Gluten & Dairy Free and Vegan Friendly.

Hüma believes in having the very best performing product.  Extensive research backs up each carefully chosen ingredient. 

  • Evaporated Cane Juice & Brown Rice Syrup: providing both Glucose and Fructose in a careful ratio increases carbohydrate absorption
  • Ground Chia Seeds: fiber content that modulates carbohydrate absorption means no sugar spike and steady energy release
  • Sea Salt: Sodium and Potassium ratio comparable to major electrolyte formulations
  • Citric Acid: reduces physiological stress and attenuates physical fatigue
  • Fruit Puree & Filtered Water: 100% real food, 100% real flavor, always smooth consistency

Many of you are probably asking, "Why Chia?"  Not only does Hüma use all-natural, healthy ingredients (no preservatives, nothing unprounceable), but they base their gels on Chia seeds to bring you a superfood burst of nutrients.  A few facts about Chia:

  • Tons of Omega-3's (4915mg per ounce of seeds)
  • More antioxidants than blueberries
  • Complete protein
  • 25% soluble fiber (this absorbs water, creating a gel that can reduce hunger and regulate sugar absorption)
  • Preservative and Gluten-Free
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