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"With current market conditions, it has become increasingly cheaper to buy distantly produced goods online, despite the increased costs of packaging, transportation, inspection and associated expenses. However, along with lower prices comes the added repercussions on the environment and impacts on the economic well being of the community" ( Big-box stores and online retailers displace on average 150 jobs from local small businesses, diminishing the local buying power of a community's citizens and contributing fewer tax dollars to the local economy. According to a recent article on the "shop local" movement, "money is like blood, it needs to keep moving around a community to keep the economy going. When money is spent at big box stores or at online retailers, it flows out of the community like a wound." 

Here are a few short reasons to SHOP LOCAL:

  • When you shop local, more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses. Locally owned, small businesses invest nearly twice the amount of their profits in the local community and in the tax base.
  • Locally owned, small businesses are owned by people who live in the community; people who are less likely to leave the community, and people who are more invested in the local community's future.
  • For every $1 spent locally, $0.45 is reinvested locally, compared to $0.15 reinvested by non-local businesses.
  • Local owners spend more time on local non-profit boards and supporting local charities, schools and other non-profit needs.
  • Locally owned, small businesses give 250% more financial support to local non-profit groups and charities than large box stores.
  • Small businesses are the largest employer nationally and in local communities providing more jobs to local community residents.
  • Locally owned small businesses hire employees with a better understanding of the products they sell and take more time to get to know their customers on a personal level.
  • Locally owned small businesses survive by reputation, on word of mouth advertising, and on repeat customer business. This translates into a higher standard of service and attention to your specific needs.
  • Small businesses make product decisions based on local customer needs and spending habits, not based on a national sales plan.

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