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Pawmetto LifelineFounded in 1999 as Project Pet, Pawmetto Lifeline has been the conscience of compassion for the Midlands community and a vital area resource for humane care for our abandoned and homeless pets. Their legacy is devotion to responsible and compassionate care for the homeless animals of our community, and of fostering the animal-human bond. They are dedicated to the core principle that every life is precious and that euthanasia should not be used as a means to control a domesticated population.

Each year, more than 17,000 companion pets enter the municipal systems in Lexington and Richland Counties. More than 10,000 of these pets are euthanized. Pawmetto Lifeline believes that we all have a moral and ethical obligation to care for and to extend the most compassionate and humane solution to the very problem that we have allowed to exist by not spaying and neutering our pets. They have implementing a solid plan employing specific, identified solutions – solutions that have been proven to work in other areas of the country.

Since founding, Pawmetto Lifeline has rescued over 17,533 pets that would have otherwise been put to death. Now in their new home on Bower Parkway – the Meyer-Finlay Pet Adoption Center of Lexington and Richland Counties – is open and operating, they plan to do so much more.

  • Rescue over 4,000 pets annually that would not have had a chance.
  • Spay and neuter up to 17,000 companion pets a year and provide medical services for all of the rescue groups that need to have their pets spayed or neutered.
  • Break the cycle that has in the past led to hopelessness for so many helpless pets.


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