I just have to leave a comment about my 9 year old daughter’s shoe experience. I noticed last year that my daughter wasn’t walking smoothly during her first 5k run (that she had to walk in because her feet hurt). I noticed at that time that she seemed to be walking almost on her ankles, each foot curling inside. She complained about walking club in the morning at school and about going to Girls on the Run after school. Her feet just hurt and it wasn’t fun! Her new $50 cute (popular name brand) tennis shoes she had just got in August kept slipping off and she was walking on them, there was no arch support at all. Her ankle problem was just getting worse. Her ankles were curling in, and I really thought I was going to have to take her to a podiatrist. I stopped by and talked to someone at Fleet Foot during the day last Friday, and then took Maggie in the next morning. I was AMAZED at the wonderful service I received; there were probably 3 or 4 people analyzing her walk on the treadmill, and helping her get fitted for the correct shoe. She had to get the ones with the strongest ankle support, they were about $100, but in the long run they are less than a co-pay trip to the foot doctor! They are Brooks brand, which I never really heard of, and they weren’t the most expensive, or the prettiest by far, but they were the ones best suited for her. After they patiently tried on shoe after shoe, they found the best one that seemed to correct gait. And, she doesn’t tie really well, her shoe strings were always coming undone, so they have these wonderful elastic bands that help her get them on and off and stay snug; they never need to be tied or undone; runners that compete use that kind (I got an extra pair of them for my mother for her arthritis too.) My sister told me about the store when she started running, and I just thought it was a place for running shoes, I had no idea they could help us so much! She got them just last Saturday (only a week ago) and has already shown great improvement! Her feet were a little sore on Monday, she wore them all day, but she hasn’t complained since! AND, you won’t believe this, she ACTUALLY RAN during Girls on the Run yesterday!!! She has only ever walked!! I think her shoes made a HUGE difference!! THANK YOU FLEET FEET!! You made our week and didn’t even know it!! :-) I will be sharing my story with everyone!

-Nancy & Maggie Mae


Dear Toni & Scott,

Days after the event, I'm still on a high after running my first Half-Marathon. I'm proudly displaying the 13.1 sticker on my car and looking ahead to the next one.

I'll admit that I went into the half-marathon training a little apprehensively. I wasn't sure that I could go the distance. Then suddenly something unexpected happened. I was able to complete the workouts consistently. Sure, they weren't easy but then as Toni says, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. I was running further than I had ever run in my life and very proud of my accomplishments.

I'm sure you didn't realize it but I approached the Ray Tanner 12K with a great deal of anxiety. (Just kidding! Everyone knew I was obsessing over the time it would take me to finish.) The two of you never doubted that I would finish and gave me the encouragement I needed to actually compete in the race. When I ran 7.5 miles in less than two hours the week before the race, I started to realize that maybe I wasn't such a bad runner after all. And when Scott came back to run in with Jimmy and me, that meant more than you can imagine.

Kiawah was the end of a year-long goal, starting way back this past winter when Debbie and I started nagging Toni about training for a (flat) half-marathon. Seeing Toni and Lisa cheering me on at the finish line brought tears to my eyes. It's been quite a journey and you've been with me all the way, from start to finish. Thank you for being there.

Without the support and encouragement that you two gave me, I never would have been able to reach that goal. Until I did the Run A Mile program almost three years ago, I had never thought of myself as an athlete. Now I'm a Half-Marathoner.

Thank you for all the encouragement, training and occasional kick in the butt. The Fleet Feet Running Group has been an important part of my life these past three years and will be in the future. You guys rock!

-Pat H.


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